Why Coffee Lovers Need Teeth Whitening

There’s nothing like getting up in the morning, brewing your favorite coffee and starting your day with a BANG. But what does drinking coffee do to your teeth?

Your morning routine might be affecting your dental health!

If it can stain your clothes, it can stain your teeth. This rule of thumb is, unfortunately, true when it comes to coffee. But why? Well as it turns out, coffee contains ingredients called tannins. Tannins are a type of polyphenol that breaks down in water, and you could also find them in beverages like wine or tea. Tannins cause color compounds to stick to your teeth. When these compounds stick, they can leave an unwanted yellowish hue behind.


How To Prevent Stains?

It only takes one cup of coffee a day to stain your teeth. So how can you avoid teeth discoloration from even starting?

Well, you can start by avoiding creamer and sugar, dentists say, as this only speed up the growth of discoloring bacteria and plaque. Drink your coffee like you normally would, but to prevent bacteria build up, brush your teeth right away.


Getting Rid Of Stains

If you’re like many us, addicted to coffee, you should not panic. Your dentist can usually get rid of coffee stains during your regular dental check-up. You can also buy over-the-counter teeth whitening kits that are sold in drugstores or pharmacies. Another great option for a home remedy is to brush your teeth with baking soda, although care should be taken to not do this too often (maybe once a month).  This will help aid the discoloration of your teeth.

Raw fruits and vegetables, like strawberries and lemons, also contain natural fibers that can penetrate and destroy any discoloration and bacteria from your teeth.


Other Downfalls Of Drinking Coffee

Like any sugary drink you put in your mouth, coffee helps promote the bacteria in your mouth which creates an acid that can destroy tooth enamel that can later lead to cavities and other periodontal diseases. Coffee can also cause bad breath, or halitosis because it sticks to the tongue. To avoid all these problems, eat food before you drink and use a tongue scraper and toothbrush after you finish drinking.


The Good News

Don’t be scared my coffee lovers, you can still drink coffee and maintain a white, healthy smile. Turns out coffee’s polyphenols can have a positive effect on your teeth. Polyphenols keep teeth strong and healthy, but like anything in life, never go to excess, but let moderation be your guide. Dentists suggest you do not drink more than 2 cups of coffee a day, plus regular brushing and visits to your local dentist office.


Teeth Whitening Treatment

If you’re looking for a teeth whitening treatment, Drs. Jeff Coleman & Ken Yabuki offer a Custom Tray take home whitening kits to lighten the discoloration of tooth enamel and dentin. Take home kits are recognized worldwide as a leading tooth whitening process that can lighten your teeth multiple shades whiter in just one hour a day! This is a safe as well as simple treatment and is used to help accelerate the teeth whitening process.


How It Works

The tooth whitening procedure uses Hydrogen Peroxide Gel to greatly accelerate and enhance whitening results and deliver dramatic results you will love. As the hydrogen peroxide is broken down, oxygen enters the enamel and dentin to bleach the stained substances, leaving the structure of the tooth unchanged with a brighter appearance.

Attention all coffee lovers, you deserve to smile with confidence! Schedule your appointment to get your Custom Whitening Kit with our team at Surf City Dentist and get ready to have a smile that will shine bright!

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– Dr. Coleman

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