Critical steps to keep your online profile looking good

Dr. Ken Yabuki

Selfie’s are a great tool for feeling great and promoting yourself to an ever competitive world.  You look your best, you smile a lot and you have a lot of fun!  A key component to a wonderful selfie is a great smile.  Teeth that are white, clean and aligned  will always leave a fantastic impression to anyone who comes across your image.  Job interviews, dating relationship, everything benefits from a great selfie! You want that impression to last forever …and it should!  

The question is how? Teeth are organic gifts that unlike other portions of the body, do not renew or grow back.  In order to keep a brilliant wonderful looking smile, you have to maintain them.  Some of this work can be done through basic good oral health care, the infamous brushing of your teeth after meals.  There is another step in this goal of a great looking smile…professional cleanings.

It seems so unnecessary, why need a professional to clean you teeth?  Especially when there is no problem.  no pain, you can eat fine and your teeth look ok.  What could possibly be wrong?  Why spend the money?

It is what you do not know that can hurt you.  Maybe not today or even next year, but even with diligent self-applied brushing, there is a whole world of bacteria that get under your gums, ruining the foundation of those brilliant purly whites.

You can see it on your own teeth as tarter, a hard white substance that appears to be mounted on the site of your teeth and no amount of brushing is going to remove it. As the tarter builds, it slowly pushes down your gums, leaving even more of your teeth exposed to cavity causing bacteria and build up.  

An early signs of a bacteria invasion are a constant bad breath that no amount of brushing removes for longer than an hour or two.   The next sign is a reddish puffiness that runs along the gum line of each of your teeth.  The great news is that all of this can be avoided and solved, in one hour.

Can you spare 1 hour every 6 months to look great?

That is it, it is a lunch hour.  Bad breath gone… teeth even whiter.  Feeling proud to smile.  In an hour.   Add to it the bonus of building a relationship with a dentist that you come to trust, who is there for you if you do have problem, like sports accident.  No wondering about the expertise, you have it covered.

Your selfie will look mysteriously better

No one needs to know what your secret is!  With a visit to a licensed dentist, who is interested in you, is the key. They will protect your smile by verifying that your teeth are healthy and in good form.  A hygienists will clean the teeth, removing tarter and all the bacteria and top it off with a polishing that will brighten your teeth, making your next selfie look even better than before.  Your friends and associates will not know what exactly you are doing, but something about you is just happier.  You are looking good and the world sees it.

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