We’d love to have you as a patient!

Looking for a new dentist? Ready to onboard? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We accept new patients of all ages at our practice in Huntington Beach

New Patient Special for $99! Call for details.

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New dental patient form on clipboard

New Patient Forms

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first. Please print and fill out our patient forms, and bring them when you visit, so we can get you in as fast as possible. If you have any questions call and we will be happy to assist!

Ditch Insurance

Don’t have insurance or tired of dealing with them? No worries. We offer an in-house membership plan that makes getting affordable care so much easier.

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Ingrid Surf City Dentist Patient Coordinator

Get to Know Us

We might be biased, but our team is awesome! We’re all about making your first visit (and each after) a great experience, and providing the best dentistry in Huntington Beach. We’ll work with you to make going to the dentist easy and fun. No lecturing. No judging. Just friendly, quality dental care you can trust.

Your First Visit

A typical first visit takes around 60 minutes. This allows us plenty of time to get to know you, learn about your dental history, and answer any questions you have. Be sure to take advantage of our $99 special for new patient visits.

Call Us

When you’re ready, call us to schedule an appointment at our Huntington Beach office.

Fill Out Forms

Print and fill out new patient forms, then bring them so you can see the dentist right away.

Take a Closer Look

Meet your dentist, ask questions and find out how well your teeth are doing.

Take X-Rays

We may take needed x-rays to get a clear view of what’s happening in your mouth.

Let’s Keep it Up!

Schedule your first cleaning or follow-up for the treatment plan discussed with your dentist.

What’s Your Goal?


Maintain healthy teeth with custom cleanings and screenings.


Brighten your smile with porcelain veneers, whitening or Invisalign.


Restore teeth with crowns, fillings, bridges and implants.

Remember! The first visit right now for all new patients is $99. This includes a comprehensive exam and x-rays.

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