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Call: (714) 847-7733     Email:      It's 4:56 PMOPEN      Emergency : YES

It's 4:56 PMOPEN


We are re-opening and we want you to all be prepared for what you as the patient will need to do prior to your appointment. 

You will need the following:
1. Face covering mask- both mouth and nose. (PPE : Personal protective equipment)
2. Wear something warm. The office temperature is going to be very cold.
3. Mobile phone – Recommended


1. Upon arrival at the office please CALL THE OFFICE NUMBER

2. Please wait in your car until we call you on your mobile phone.  Not able to call from your vehicle? No problem? Let us know before you leave to head to the office and we will be waiting for you and you may stand or sit at least 6 feet away from any other individuals present outside and one of our staff will invite you inside. 

3. When coming into the office you will need to kept social distancing guidelines.  That means the following:

a) Stay at least 6 feet away from any person
b) You MUST wear a face mask, covering both your nose and mouth.

4. Upon entering the office your body temperature will be taken. 
5. After your body temperature has been verified to be under 99.0 degrees  Fahrenheit, we shall ask you to use our hand sanitizer rubbing it into your hands at least for 20 seconds.
Please keep your mask on until you are asked to remove it.